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2009 Updates
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August 10th, 2009

The Park Grand Opening was held on August 8th.  Approximately 50 people attended with lots of dogs having fun.  Deputy Lee Bartholomew of the Douglas County Sheriff's Animal Control Department cut the Leash on our own Daisy Dog to officially open the Park.  He also gave a short speech about the benefits of a Dog Park to the community.

July 19th, 2009

We are still fundraising to finish brick "Honor Wall" and maintain the park.  The Honorary Pet Mayor of Sutherlin fundraiser is presently going on to raise money for both dog park and Lions Club of Sutherlin.  Nik, Small Pony; Accee, German Shepherd; and Simon, the Bulldog are the three candidates.  It will be determined on August 17th, 2009 who our Pet Mayor will be for the year.  The honorary pet will be in the city parades and different events during the year.  We hope you will consider voting for one of these pets.  We invite all to attend our Grand Opening where all three candidates will be present.  We also will be thanking the City of Sutherlin for allowing and making possible for us to have this off-leash dog park.  We believe this will be a great asset to our town.

Feb. 19, 2009

Our pet costume photography was a success, along with the rummage sale. The Grange Hall #724 of Sutherlin and the dog park split the fund raising profits.

In October we had the Pet Costume Photo Shoot

We had Santa Paws photos in November and the first part of December with Julie Dennis, our former Vice President being Santa in November 2008, and Bob Miller being Santa in December 2008.  Miller enjoyed his position as Santa so much that he would like to be Santa again in '09.  Miller also offered his trailer and four wheeler to put the Dog Park in the Christmas Light Parade in '09.

Also, during Santa Paws Photos, we drew the winner for our Quilt raffle.  The winners were Mr. & Mrs. Ron McMullin of Sutherlin.  The quilt was beautifully made and donated by Louise Norton of the Sutherlin Grange Hall #724.  We raised approximately $300.00 

At the Parks Advisory Meeting on Nov. 13, '08, the dog park committee recommended that the advisory committee take the proposal before the city council  to begin fencing the dog park, completing phase one

On Dec. 8th '08, the city council approved our request to begin the fencing and completion of phase one. The contract agreement between the city and the dog park was approved on Feb. 9th '09 by the city council.

We approached Haden Dorsey Construction to take the lead in constructing the park and he agreed.  The goal of the dog park committee is to have the park open to the public by the late May or June.

Our next fundraiser will be joining with the Sutherlin Lions Club to elect an honorary mayor of the City of Sutherlin. We will choose 3 pets (The pet does not have to be a dog) to run for the honorary mayor. We are looking for a bulldog as Sutherlin High School's Mascot is a bulldog, possibly a mule, maybe a parrot, etc. Anyone knowing of a pet that would be under good behavior around the public and knows a few tricks and would be entertaining to the public, please contact the dog park committee.