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Sutherlin Dog Park

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How will Sutherlin benefit from a Dog Park?

Benefits of off-leash areas to the community::
1) PUBLIC SAFETY. Designated areas for dogs and their owners reduces the likelihood that dogs will be let off-leash in other recreational areas where they could infringe on the rights of other park users.
2)SOCIAL HUB FOR THE COMMUNITY :  Dogs often help people break the ice, allowing people who share interests to socialize while exercising their dogs. These interactions help neighbors get to know each other and to build a sense of community.
3) PROMOTE RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERSHIP. All users will license their dogs, not only because the threat of a fine is greater in an off-leash area, but also because there is considerable social pressure for regular off-leash area users to do the right thing. The social aspect enforces the basic rules of dog ownership such as cleaning up after one's dog and always controlling one's dog's behavior.
4) MAKE DOGS BETTER MEMBERS OF THEIR COMMUNITY. These areas provide a centralized location for owner training, pet information, and veterinary services.
5) DOG PIT-STOP. People traveling through will have a safe place to take their dogs. This makes our town more inviting to spend time in.
1) Provide a public space that allows people to meet and form bonds in the community.
2) Allow people to have the pleasure of watching their dogs at play.
3) Contributes to the overall fitness of people by encouraging them to exercise with their dogs.
1) Studies have shown that dogs that exercise and are allowed to run freely are not as aggressive towards people as dogs that are under-exercised.
2) Allowing dogs to have an off-leash area socializes dogs and through experience will learn better communication to be less aggressive in each further encounter with other dogs.
3) Improves mental state of dogs. A tired dog is a good dog!
Research shows that dogs are more than just companions. They provide both physical and mental health benefits to their owners. The importance of dogs in society has even helped spawn a new field of study, urban animal management, which aims to ensure that animals are taken care of in the urban environment.