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Cards & Stationary for Sale

We have both Stationary and Cards with envelopes available for sale to raise money for the dog park. If you see something you like, please send your order to

Stationary Prices:

$3 for a pack of stationary. You get 12 sheets of stationary with your choice of image at the top of the sheet. Either the image on the right, or choose another pet and we will turn into stationary for you.

Card Prices:
$3 for a box of 6 cards with envelopes or $0.50 for a single card with envelope.  Sample images of the cards are below.

About the Artist - Leila Bugess

My name is Leila Burgess, I was raised in the Eagle Point area and met my husband at a 4-H fair.  Needless to say I have always loved animals; and Ernie, my husband, has been a very patient man through the 54 years that we have been married, allowing me to have pets as I have wanted.  A few years ago I was faced with some health issues and was not able to stay busy, as I love to be doing something, so one of our girls brought me a set of colored pencils to fill in the time.  SURE, me, who had never drawn so much as a stick man.  I decided I would return the pencils to the store she had bought them from and put the money to better use. The lady at the art store said something to me that I had never thought of before.  She said, "If a person learns to see, they can draw."  I went home and decided we would see if she was right.  Of course, animals being my love, that was were I started.  I have learned something with each picture I have drawn or painted.  I so appreciate what the Lady at the art store said that I had to go back and share my excitement about working with the pictures.  I am still amazed when they turn out.  I hope that should you own one of my paintings that you will enjoy it as much as I did painting it.  I can only say that my Lord, Jesus Christ, has given us some wonderful critters to enjoy.

~ Leila Burgess, John 1:12


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