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Sutherlin Dog Park


Here you will learn about our mission to build a Dog Park in Sutherlin, Oregon, and how you can help.  Updates on our progress will be posted here as they are available.

July 19th, 2009

The dog park at this time is now useable.  Our grand opening will be August 8th, 2009.

We are still fundraising to finish brick "Honor Wall" and maintain the park.  The Honorary Pet Mayor of Sutherlin fundraiser is presently going on to raise money for both dog park and Lions Club of Sutherlin.  Nik, Small Pony; Accee, German Shepherd; and Simon, the Bulldog are the three candidates.  It will be determined on August 17th, 2009 who our Pet Mayor will be for the year.  The honorary pet will be in the city parades and different events during the year.  We hope you will consider voting for one of these pets.  We invite all to attend our Grand Opening where all three candidates will be present.  We also will be thanking the City of Sutherlin for allowing and making possible for us to have this off-leash dog park.  We believe this will be a great asset to our town.

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